Had a great day today!!! I went to Guleph with Harold and he showed me the university of guleph. It was in fact quite surprising that they use an old old building for student campus. I wonder if the interior was in good shape thought since the student wouldn’t be likely to value the important of that building. The student centre reminded me a building in Hong Kong, but it was on the tip of my tonuge but I just couldn’t remember the name! Hopefully, they will come up later on 🙂 We met Caroleen, sister of Michael(Mike), who is a member of G5. Besides them, there was a guy from Vancouver, who is an actor, and his name is Trevor. We went to an economical indian restaurant, but in my standard, they are below average. Anyway, we had a nice talk and everyone had fun. I believe that’s what really counted. After the dinner, we went to a coffee shop – bookshelf, and I ordered a Red Eye. It is a mixture of espresso and regular coffee. I have been drinking too much coffee, so it had no effect on me in the sense of keeping me awake. We stayed for 30-45 mins then we headed to Mike’s house. It’s a brand new house with 4 months old. Harold had a affair with the fernace in the kinky fetish!!! The loft of that house was warm and cosy, and I’m really into that house. Somehow it is better than Kurt’s house even thought it is smaller. It’s all about feeling. We stayed until 11 sth and" home we went".

Reply to Kathy

Thanks!! I’ve left a message in your diary and it looks good. Watch your grammar in your self-introduction thou!!! We’ll chat later



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