Monday sucks

Study study and study!!! Tomorrow econ midterm is going to be tough, and I just hope my professor will be lenient to us.

Had lunch at La Piazza today.. the special was italian sausage with saucerkaut(deutsch=white cabbage). It was quite good in fact . Wednesday will probably be return our 2gg3 test. I know Iwas not doing too good but still so exciting to get it back. When I was on my way to Keyes, the rain was pouring, and I got all wet. Kathy was even worse because she came later than me and the rain got even severe. I had a grilled chicken breast with sweet potato and other veggie. It was excellent , and we spent some time chatting about the europe trip. I hope she will have fun thou.

The library I’ve been to since 7 and studied until now. I don’t want to be an all-nighter again. Damn it


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