Marking Exam

I’m so tired now  I marked the midterm exam until 7:15, it was 10 hrs marking straight. Anyway, I’ve gotten it done and I’m happy now.

I missed 1 class today, but luckily he only talked about final exam format and and spent half a class for evaluation. The second class is fun, and my money is well worth it. The bad thing is there are so many things I have to memorize for my final.

After that, I’ve talked to my boss, and marked the exam of my roommate. We had some little gab about the job market, HK system etc. and it’s pretty much fun. Looking fwd to tomorrow  

My home is so messy today and the counter top was full of blood (pig) … it oozed from the plastic bag to the counter top and then dropped drop by drop to the floor  … yucky!!


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