After April 25

Finally my last exam was here on Apr 27, and I had been waiting for this for more than a week – thru partying etc  The exam was tough and I didn’t do too well, hopefully he will be nice in marking. In order to tune myself back to normal living cycle (exam lag???) I didn’t sleep after the exam. I was doing….. all day until the night. It was soooooo good to be in bed after burning night oil in the day before.

Working on the CFA examination since yesterday, and I’m so slow. Maybe I need a break after-all.


2 thoughts on “After April 25

  1. 唔緊要啦 ! 可能其他科成績會好好呢 ! 唔好唔開心啦 !你要小心身體呀 !成日都咁休息, 會死人o架 !

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