Ottawa Trip and After

I slept so much on the day after back from Ottawa. Had lunch, went to bed and then had dinner and went to bed at around 8:30. If my parents hadn’t called me, I would still have been in bed…

The Ottawa trip was so intensive. The 1st day, we went to Major Hill’s Park. It was so empty inside and shouldn’t be a tulip point. After that, we went to York St to have dinner. It’s definitely a tourist area as all restaurants over there are so expensive. We went to an Asian Fusion rest. and we ordered an assortment sushi and 1 main dish. It cost us 35 dollars per person.

The 2nd day, we left the hotel at 9 and we headed to Sussex. Our 1st stop was Parliament Hill, and it took us more than an hour to get into the building.  It was nice inside and the view from the top of the tower was wonderful. After that, we took the free shuttle to the new war museum. There is a part talking about Hong Kong and it is quite interesting. We then went to the Comission Park – finally there’re many tulips. The problem was they removed many wilted flowers and planted the new 1, so it looked so spare.  Anyway, we got tulip pix anyway. Our original plan was going to the Canadian Mint after that, all tours were full and we were only allowed to go to the souvenior store, so we only spent about 15 mins over there and then we went to the Museum of Civilization. It is so big and we certainly didn’t have enough tme for everything. It would be great if I could see the Nile River movie. 

For the whole trip, there were many taxi but when we wanted 1, there was nothing. We waited 15 mins without 1 cab stopped for us.  We finally went to the Sheraton Hotel to ask for 1. It’s so ridiculous. We got our car and drove to the Casino beside Hilton Hotel. They have many gas pumped tulips along the road and they are all cute.

SOMEONE HIT AND RUN!!!!!!! Luckily had we gotten the damage waiver.


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