My convocation

My convocation was fun.. check out the pix guys!!! Chloe, Grace, my grandma and my mom went to Harvest Moon for dimsum before we headed to Hamilton Place. We were all so full and basically we left on time. Unfortunately, there was traffic jam in King 1, and it took us almost 15 mins to get to Hamilton Place.

The convocation was long and tedious. I almost fell asleep but it was fun though. People were cheering and the most funny thing happened inside was someone yellled "I luy you Alinka".. lol it was so sweet  I’m sure he doesn’t need to remember anything in the coming 3 years… lol After that, a guy yelled at another guy who was getting the conferring from the chancellor. Everyone burst into laugher.

After that, I drove back to school and took many pictures… also a frame for my certificate.. It was the choice between brairwood and aluminium….guess wot I got…


3 thoughts on “My convocation

  1. 嘩 ! 畢業喇 !應該好開心喇 ! 而且, 你媽咪, 同婆婆都去參加 !你好似瘦左呀 ! 係唔係呀 ?

  2. Well congratulations Soony on your convocation. An accomplishment to be proud of, for sure! Well done, and good luck with your endeavours! C 😉

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