MGS: The Twin Snakes

Disc 1 is completed!!!
Disc 2 will be put off for few days… KILL

Poor Devita

Today we had a really short lecture and we were done at 8:15. My classmate – devita, living in Mississaga that missed the GO bus and arrived at 7:45. She was so pissed cuz she paid 16 for return trip but only stay for 30 mins… + 1 hr waiting at the bus stop. . One thing I still don’t understand is why the instructor had to end the lecture so early… we will have long lectures for the coming 2 classes
Chloe, Rachel, Grace & I went to Sushi Star for dinner… and we were all full…. completely full. The eel rice that Grace ordered is completely a joke…. few thin slices of eel.. and rice… no presentation at all.

Midterm 2 & Iron Tree that’s in blossom

Midterm 2
Today is my econ midterm 2. As expected, it is harder than last time. I’m not quite sure if that is the result of harder materials or just myself – lazy . Right before the midterm, we had an evaluation but the interesting thing was he presented himself in the room when we filled out the form. This wasn’t right and gave a taste of threat. After he collected all of our bubble sheets, he didn’t seal the envelop. It was lucky that I didn’t put a really bad comment and evalation on the sheet or I’d be screwed.
 The lobby of my apartment has sth really interesting happened. "The iron tree is in blossom." Iron tree = cycad. Check out the pix in below.