Feeling good

Normal sleeping time
It’s great to somewhat go back to normal – 2am in bed….. big improvement to myself  But anyway, I can’t keep it long lol
Rock recognition lab exercise
That was fun but tough. We scored 90% in that part, so it’s still a bang job.  lol but we were the last group to leave, and 2 TAs and the instructor was stuck cuz of us hahahaha. We left at 9:45 and then we figured out we had to photocopy, so we ran to Mills……… those bastards closed earlier than they should and we were there at 9:56 (close at 10). Luckily, one of my friend is working in downtown, and she drove me and another friend to her office to photocopy the article. It is free, and I got a ride. The running is good for my health….. when will my allergy disappear?????????????????????????????????

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