Egyptian Cuisine

We decided to try the egyptian restaurant in King William Street.  There ain’t many choices but they’re all attractive
My friend is an acquaintance of the chef, and they met in a bday
party.  The chef has been travelling around to learn different
techniques.  He is quite professional and good looking enough to
be the "Jamie Oliver" of Canada.. lol .

I ordered a roasted lamb, and it was just wonderful.  My friend
ordered a national dish of egypt.  We also had roast artichokes as
our appertizer, and it just made me even in luv with artichoke
hahaha.  The owner is an egyptian immigrant and she’s just so good
looking .  The atmosphere is so much like home and comfy.  I’ll go back there again, and this is for sure.

Gym + Tennis

I woke up pretty early on Thursday and left around 9 to the Pulse (gym @ my school).  I had 2 hash browns in McDonalds yummy yummy . I spent 1+ hr to walk back to school and then spent another 45 mins @ the gym.  They had a function – huge in the room beside the gym, so they turned up the air conditioning and it was freezing inside.  Even I was sweating, I felt so cold that I couldn’t stand it and I left.  It was warm and snug outside and I walked back to home.  After walking for an hour, I found out that I left my keys @ the locker and I was too lazy to go back, so I spent some times in downtown.  Luckily, superintendents were around and they opened the door for me .

After lunch, I went back to school and played tennis with my friend. Spent around 2 hrs at school and this time, I certainly remembered to get back my key and it was all good. And it was dinner time… wot should we eat?????

Hosting and stuff

New domain and webhosting were registered few days ago.. took me such a long time to do all the research and stuff  , but it worths it.
The phpBB 2 forum has been completed including several MODs.  The open source community really need to improve the way they collaborate.  It is so confusing, and for god sake, different MODs conflict with each other and require detail attention to the codes by end-users.  Free=poor support lol, even thou they replied your questions pretty fast on their forum, you’ve to go to dozen of forums in order to get all you want. Microsoft should really consider the forum market