Gym + Tennis

I woke up pretty early on Thursday and left around 9 to the Pulse (gym @ my school).  I had 2 hash browns in McDonalds yummy yummy . I spent 1+ hr to walk back to school and then spent another 45 mins @ the gym.  They had a function – huge in the room beside the gym, so they turned up the air conditioning and it was freezing inside.  Even I was sweating, I felt so cold that I couldn’t stand it and I left.  It was warm and snug outside and I walked back to home.  After walking for an hour, I found out that I left my keys @ the locker and I was too lazy to go back, so I spent some times in downtown.  Luckily, superintendents were around and they opened the door for me .

After lunch, I went back to school and played tennis with my friend. Spent around 2 hrs at school and this time, I certainly remembered to get back my key and it was all good. And it was dinner time… wot should we eat?????


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