Canada National Exhibition – CNE

Quick Decision
I went to CNE with Chloe on Monday, and we decided to go there at around 4am on that day.  Since she would be spending her coming week in the States, it’d be too late to wait her to come back. CNE will be terminated on the 5th and she is comin’ back on the 6th  .
We enjoyed a lunch inside the CNE and there were tons of choices available.  I had some wonderful ribs and wings and chloe had a swiss waffle with chocolate fudge and creme, topped with strawberry.  It should be delicious and too bad that I could eat nothing like that.  When’ll I be recovered from allergy????
There were so many games to play, just like in those 冒險樂園.  It was so much fun , and I really missed them.  We also saw a show combinin’ ice skating ‘n aerobatic.  We had some great time in the International Pavillion – the place I had my CFA exam .. shit.  I bought a Indian belt, and she got a Indian head decoration, sth like a cap.
We also spent some time with those poor animals.. lol We took pix with pigs, piglets, osterich, cows, sheep etc. – all so yummy hahaha


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