Niagara Area

First of all, sorry to Rachel & bonnie.. lol I had no idea there was a parade @ 11am .. and Bonnie got scared because of the driving technique that Rachel has…
We left @ 12 and headed to Niagara-on-the-lake.  There was an accident in QEW, so we were stuck in the highway for a little while.  Fortunately, it’s only sth minor, and it lasted for about 30 mins only.  We arrived Niagara-on-the-lake at 1:45, got the parking easily!! We were lucky man!
That area is beautiful, full of old Victoria buildings.  I especially like the clock tower in the middle of the town.  There was a suggestion scenic route for us to follow but we were only able to finish half of that.  It is also the home of Fort George, a strategic p.t. when the UK was fighting the States during Independent War.  We left around 3:25 and went to the Falls along Niagara Parkway.  On the way to the Falls, we stopped by the floral clock.  A typical tourist p.t. as it was swamped with tourist buses when we visited.
We arrived the new casino at 4:20pm, and we spent some little time over there, just to enjoy the awe of the Falls.  We were planning to take the ferry to get close to the Horseshoe Fall but we missed it…..barely.  We got to the ticket station @ 4:55 and the last ferry was @ 4:45 ~_~ god damn it.  That was the second times I failed to catch the ferry. Well, we instead walked to the Horseshoe Fall and experienced the back of the Fall.  It was just spectacular and I totally felt the strength and beauty of it.  I wonder how could people survive from that force!!!!!!
We were starving, all of us.. when we left the Falls.  We went back to the casino area and searched for an restaurant.  We end up eating in "outback".  Not sure if they really serve Aussie food, gotta ask my friend to try it later.  Anyway, we had chicken breast, steak sirloin, tenderloin, and ribs.  All of them were quite good.  It was just a dynamite.  We all had a great time over there.
Time to test our luck, dun you think?? We sure enjoyed some gambling.  I ended up winning 20 dollars.. well not too much but I was happy.  There was a guy, really unlucky, lost 400 in 2 rounds in the Big & Small.  Everytime he scattered his money into many different choices, but the # always opened next to what he bought.  He should certainly leave the casino right away.  We left Niagara @ around 10pm… everyone was tired.. so fuk’n tired.

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