Sept 10 – big dinner & surprise

Today, woke up pretty late and and grace was gone when I was awake.  I had no idea that Marcus would come over, so I made some salmon and melon.  When my food was almost ready, Grace was back and she told me marcus was coming.. and we got Vancouver Crab, fish maw soup, and clams.,  The stupid thing is Marcus and his roommate – Klaviar didn’t show up at last.. still we could finish everything.
After that, we joined chloe & franie and headed to "Main Dessert".  We had a blueberry white chocolate mousse cake – almost 8 pounds… We also talked a little, well 2+ hours , and stayed until 2 am when they really needed to close. The cake is so tempting
P.S. Chloe, you should do mathematic symbols.. so interesting

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