Toronto – meeting with old friend

Really hard for me to wake up that early.. lol couldn’t sleep too well in the past  two days   I left at around 1:30, and I couldn’t believe that Chloe would be later than me to arrive the bus station… and to top it all off, she was netmeeting with her friend in Quebec, that was why she was late…
We walked to Hardrock Hollywood from Union Station to meet Yi, our high school fd in Canada.  She looked different… better worse .  Anyway we were all hungry and searching for a nice restaurant.  We wandered along Yonge St. and couldn’t make any decision.  When I suggested to go to Green Mango, a thai restaurant; we were all content with the decision but it was just way too far, so we got into a so called "the Best Thai and Malaysian Restaurant"… near Green Mango that we didn’t discover until we finished our lunch.  That restaurant is totally existed for non-asian as they adept the menu to so not true thai and malaysian food.  Everything we ordered was just way too sweet.   We took some pictures anyway, and here we go.

After that, we spent some time in Yonge & Bloor.. as we past by the Louis Vuitton store, 2 asian ladies were leaving at the same time and carrying 6 big bags .  We were all shocked and didn’t know how to response.  Chloe was talking on phone at that particular moment but still she hollered and it was quite embrassing.  When we passed by ALDO, both Chloe and I found sth we like.  She got a pair of shoes but for myself, they only had the one on display and it was dirty, so I got nth.  We decided to go to the store in Eaton Centre as they have 3 ALDO over there.  Well, Chloe got a fuzzy bag and I still got nth… again the 1 on display only.

We left @ 8:45 and went to Ryerson to join the autumn festival party.  It was quite boring, especially the ending part.  What a drag!!!


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