Bubble Tea & Bar

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to meet James and it’s been more than a year – like 2 yrs??? I’d a great time to talk to him, and he’s planned a great fun year for his interm year… Europe+Canada+Hong Kong 🙂  How nice is that??  Maybe I should do that too but it’s too late now.  Frankie dropped by and stayed for like 5 mins and he left to joined vicky, and then they went to a bar.  Chloe, James, and I stayed for a bit longer and left around 1am.  I felt really good and hopefully we’re goin’ to meet again soon  .
And then Chloe & I went to the bar to meet with Vicky and Frankie.. lol they were inside the smokin’ area and this time the room wasn’t freezin’.. a rare incident.  But since we got in, the AC was getting stronger and stronger and it became a fridge again.  At around 1:30am, Erin came by and she was quite a nuisance.. She kept asking sth private and even when Chloe stated that she would have chosen not to answer… and then she started to bug me about that
 All of us – taken @ bubble tea


Since when Multiple Choice Questions become Short Questions and Short Essay????????????????? What a nice job.. Dr. Hopper   No notice about the make-up would be in different format and everyone was shocked when we got the paper.  Hopefully, I’ll do okay as I burned night oil yesterday just to review everything for 1 more time.

Got 2 new favoured coffee from Second Cup… can’t wait to try them .. hmm but should I have coffee since I’ve been tryin’ to whiten my teeth??? Anyway, I hope the Oral B strips would be better than Crest.

Food Network debuts Web-only shows

That’s so great… it’d be nice if every program is VOD.. No more schedule checking, and I can still watch the program I luv when I will be in Hong Kong. *wink wink* 
Quote from Blog.News.com – Media

Food Network debuts Web-only shows

October 27, 2005 11:44 AM PDT

Television producers have a growing appetite for the Web.

Next month, people can feast on the Food Network’s first-ever series made exclusively for the Web. The 13-part original series, called "Eat This With Dave Lieberman," will debut Nov. 21 on FoodNetwork.com, the online counterpart to the 24-hour cable station devoted to cuisine.

The project is a pioneering move for the Scripps Network, which owns the Food Network and several other stations and sites, including Fine Living and Home and Garden Television. The original Web series is a first for Scripps and part of a plan to introduce ongoing on-demand shows for many of its properties.

"We want to take advantage of the immediacy of the Internet–combined with the culinary authority of Food Network–to quickly inform the general public about what’s going on in the food world," Brooke Johnson, president of Food Network, said in a prepared statement.

Young chef Dave Lieberman will bounce around restaurants in New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Miami, talking about the last trends in food, from the science-influenced to spicy sweets.

Each week, FoodNetwork.com will post three new episodes, which will be from three to five minutes long. Additional clips will be added to each show so viewers can delve deeper on specific topics. Shorter 60-second versions of these episodes will also air on Food Network.

Cold and Dark

It rained cats and dogs today and I got my pant soaked even I had my umberlla – saw a new brown mini umberlla but it costs me 23CAD… you can get sth similar for 25HKD in Hong Kong ….  I hope the raining will be over when I got home tonight (11:30).. it’s goin’ to be freezin’ outside and raining or not really makes a difference.
I had my midterm back today, and I made many mistakes that I learnt in my 1st year… Time really makes people forget and forgive.  I didn’t read the questions… and that’s why I wasn’t able to finish all questions… several questions required me to answer either 1 but I answered all.. WTF was I doing???   I was so prepared that I thought I could get an A in this test… I ain’t a person good at learning from my past mistakes.  Someone saves me from this plz!!!

Dinner with Sean, and somewhat with chloe, her partner & frankie

Had dinner (japanese buffet) with Sean @ Sushi Star around 7:30, and after our 1st round, Chloe called me back and she was also going Sushi Star with her partner – Vicky and also Frankie.  I surprised Frank & Vicky by popping up unexpected  *sneaky sneaky*.  We were actually sitting at 2 different ends in the restaurant haha.  After our dinner, Sean & I moved to their table and we chatted for a long time, like an hour.  We talked about so many stuff but Frankie was like kinda bored and he actually didn’t really participate our discussion.
P.S. If Frankie wasn’t there, we would probably go to Bubble Teahouse cuz I wanna talk to Chloe about Toni

I should have made my hair ready.. lol didn’t touch that after shampooing it.


I luv this pix