Confusing Day

I woke up pretty early today.. sth like 8:30 and studied like crazy for the midterm.  I was also trying to call Evoke Salon to change my appointment to an earlier time on Tuesday since it will conflict with my tutorial (no attendent mark but you need to sign up.  Unfortunately, they dun open on Monday (not sure if it’s caused by moving or wot) and I must have my hair done by tomorrow.  Well, since the stylist has been doing a good job, I must go for sth similar – Toni & Guy on 180 Bloor Street (he was trained and worked in Toni & Guy UK for 3 yrs)… Now I’ve an appointment with the Art Director at Toni & Guy.. hopefully a spark between us .
I got a doctor note for my missed midterm – diaherra, and then went home to change my clothes for the info session – Investor Group.  That was the smallest info session I’ve been to.. and I missed the room 2 times just because it was too small… lol sounds interesting but extremely high risk!!!  Maybe I should focus on my interview with TD Commerical Bank on Wed… gotta make it perfect… Good luck to me!!!
Wake up early tomorrow

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