New Haircut & Done stuff

OMG, I’m so proud of myself!!! I woke up so early today – 8:00, and caught the 8:40 GO bus to Toronto.  Based on the schedule online, I supposed to arrive the salon before 10am (my appointment time), but there was an accident or wotever and I was late for 15 mins… damn it
Shaz (Art Director) was my stylist, she is a pretty amazing and strong woman I would say based on our discussion.  Andreia was the technician who coloured my hair  Wot a beautiful lady!!!  I selected "blue black", which again will take some time to be more noticable but for now.. my hair colour is even darker than my natural colour.. shocked   Anyway, I love my new haircut.  If ya wanna know how it looks like, go to, and it has a feeling of that male model.

After the haircut, I supposed to meet Yi and her friends but I was running out of time so I gotta get back to MAC.  We had a tutorial @ 2:30 which I can’t miss since there will be no other tutorials until the due day of assignment 2.  I also got back my assignment 1 – 17.5/20 pretty good and I am flattered.

After that, I went to my Deans’ Office to solve my missed test problem.  Luckily they accepted my certificate and my professor – Hopper arranged the make-up test in next week, probably the end of next week.

Professor Dawson – econ professor who has cancer, missed the Q&A session today, as what he had done yesterday class.  We were waiting and I called the Economics Office and they had no idea either.  15 mins after I called, the office sent 2 people to come over and asked us to complain to the Deans… I felt bad about that cuz he is a sick person and he loves his job.  He showed up on time @ 4:30 (regular class time) and stayed for 20 mins… cuz his fd passed away or wotever.  James asked me a funny qs:

Why are his friends always die???

I had nothing to say.. just starring at him and in shock


3 thoughts on “New Haircut & Done stuff

  1. To Yi: Message me when you have time, I\’ll send that to you :).. baggy and fluffy eyes.. also dark circle man… Dun wanna post that lolTo Kathy: Still dun see the colour… waiting fer that antsily.

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