Everything went bad.. real bad

Oh damn.. my professor was late for 15 mins and 2/3 of the class was gone… and he told us that was his first time being late for class in 7 years lol and we should be honour to be the 1st   so it was time for me to have my nose in the books again – for my midterm at 3:30.
It was so crowded, and hot and stuffy inside the Innis quite study room; I studied non-stop and at around 2:15, I took a break and checked my e-mail.. shitty stuff happened, I was rejected by TD.  To top it all off, I lost my interest in cramming, and I was late for the midterm.  When I looked at my midterm, I thought I could get a 90 cuz it was just so easy in my sense.  I ended up leaving 30% of all questions blank cuz I didn’t have enough time.  I guess I knew too much so that I could write longer than others.  
I was so depressed and red when I left, and decided to go to Limeridge to do some shopping… just to relax and make myself happy again.  I stayed over there until they closed, and I spent around $150CAD on my face lol

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