Cold and Dark

It rained cats and dogs today and I got my pant soaked even I had my umberlla – saw a new brown mini umberlla but it costs me 23CAD… you can get sth similar for 25HKD in Hong Kong ….  I hope the raining will be over when I got home tonight (11:30).. it’s goin’ to be freezin’ outside and raining or not really makes a difference.
I had my midterm back today, and I made many mistakes that I learnt in my 1st year… Time really makes people forget and forgive.  I didn’t read the questions… and that’s why I wasn’t able to finish all questions… several questions required me to answer either 1 but I answered all.. WTF was I doing???   I was so prepared that I thought I could get an A in this test… I ain’t a person good at learning from my past mistakes.  Someone saves me from this plz!!!

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