Bubble Tea & Bar

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to meet James and it’s been more than a year – like 2 yrs??? I’d a great time to talk to him, and he’s planned a great fun year for his interm year… Europe+Canada+Hong Kong ūüôā¬† How nice is that??¬† Maybe I should do that too but¬†it’s too late now.¬† Frankie¬†dropped by¬†and stayed for like 5 mins and he left to joined vicky, and then they went to a bar.¬† Chloe, James, and I stayed for a bit longer and left around 1am.¬† I felt really good and hopefully we’re goin’ to meet again soon¬†¬†.
And then Chloe & I went to the bar to meet with Vicky and Frankie.. lol they were inside the smokin’ area and this time the room wasn’t freezin’.. a rare incident.¬† But since we got in, the AC was getting stronger and stronger and it became a fridge again.¬† At around 1:30am,¬†Erin came by and she was quite a nuisance.. She kept asking sth private and even when Chloe stated that she would have chosen not to answer… and then she started to bug me about that
 All of us Рtaken @ bubble tea

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