Bubble Tea & Bar

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to meet James and it’s been more than a year – like 2 yrs??? I’d a great time to talk to him, and he’s planned a great fun year for his interm year… Europe+Canada+Hong Kong 🙂  How nice is that??  Maybe I should do that too but it’s too late now.  Frankie dropped by and stayed for like 5 mins and he left to joined vicky, and then they went to a bar.  Chloe, James, and I stayed for a bit longer and left around 1am.  I felt really good and hopefully we’re goin’ to meet again soon  .
And then Chloe & I went to the bar to meet with Vicky and Frankie.. lol they were inside the smokin’ area and this time the room wasn’t freezin’.. a rare incident.  But since we got in, the AC was getting stronger and stronger and it became a fridge again.  At around 1:30am, Erin came by and she was quite a nuisance.. She kept asking sth private and even when Chloe stated that she would have chosen not to answer… and then she started to bug me about that
 All of us – taken @ bubble tea

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