I’m kinda sleeping too much… hit the hay @ 2pm sunday and didn’t get up until 4:30am monday – 14.5 hrs non-stopped hiberating lol .  Anyway, it’s just way too much sleep – not efficient and I missed many deadlines set by myself.
Today is so damp, and the school stinks… the classroom smelt like shit… so stuffy as well.  HH was renovated like a year ago and it should be much better.  It sucks in all ways *boo*.  I got back my exam – surprising good – 92/100 lol, but I still requested an review on 1 point.  Maybe I can get even better! who knows???????

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey officially separate

WoW….. Have been waiting for the announcement lol
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, who turned mid-level music careers into Hollywood superstardom by celebrating their marriage in an MTV reality show and television specials, are calling it quits after months of persistent breakup rumors. The couple announced their separation Wednesday.
MSNBC Entertainment

First snow storm???

It seems like we’re havin’ the first snow storm in this year.  The following days are goin’ to have snow flurries.  It’s gettin’ cold at night, ‘n makes me wanna ditch my job lol.  The current weather is:
Overcast. Snow.

WIND   SW 11 km/h
PRESSURE   98.36 kPa 
CEILING   300 ft

DeGroote offers the highest ROI for MBA students

Yeah!!! The new dean is much better than the old dean, the infamous moron that dragged the performance of my business school for several years.

Quote: McMaster Dailynews

The DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University offers the highest return on investment for MBA students in Canada, according to the annual MBA Guide published by Canadian Business Magazine.

DeGroote MBA students enjoy a 131 per cent return on investment according to the study, which compares students’ average salaries upon entering the MBA program with their average starting salaries upon entering the workforce upon graduation.

DeGroote "is the only school whose students, on average, more than double their income" upon earning their MBA, reports the magazine in its Nov. 6 edition.

The Canadian Business study compares MBA programs at 17 universities in five provinces. It also reports on the school’s other strengths, admission criteria and student experiences.

"Students at DeGroote enjoy the best of both worlds," reports the magazine, "the cachet of being linked to McMaster’s world-class researchers and the intimacy of Hamilton’s small-town campus."

The magazine points to DeGroote’s sense of community, unique MBA co-op program where students can earn while they learn, and its ability to fully prepare students for the job market as major benefits.

McMaster has offered an internationally recognized program in business since 1952. In 1991, the faculty formally became the DeGroote School of Business, Canada’s first named business school. DeGroote offers undergraduate, MBA (full time and co-op) and PhD programs.