Introducing Windows Live Messenger

This is so exciting, and an inevitable result of the challenges from Google, Yahoo, and other online firms.  I just luv an organized and unified system… too lazy to go thru many different documentations… A unified service from Microsoft would be nice.



Introducing Windows Live Messenger

 Posted by Leah
Having been a former newspaper reporter, my mother used to read my school papers and say, "Always put the most important thing in the first sentence so readers know what they’re getting into." I must be a rebel or something, because had I listened, the first sentence of this blog post–hell, of this whole blog– would be:

Hello Windows Live Messenger.



A few months ago all the members of the MSN Messenger team were shut into a room (lured there by cookies and free frappaccinos) to hear the announcement. "MSN Messenger had a good run. It’s time for change. Then next time our users upgrade, it will be to Windows Live Messenger"


A judge would’ve started banging his gavel, "Order! Order!"  because the entire saucer-eyed, slack-jawed team erupted in murmurs and exclamations. I personally clapped my hands and bounced up and down like a two-year-old. "I can’t WAIT to blog this!" (yeah, that’s right – I have a one-track mind).  I didn’t know why or how or what it all meant, except that I’d have to get new business cards. Actually – I like my business cards, they’re all multicolored with the adorable little flapping butterfl…


"WAIT!" I cried. "The butterfly! What’s going to happen to the butterfly!?"


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3 thoughts on “Introducing Windows Live Messenger

  1. Hey..I saw on another MSN Spaces that you wanted to try out the new MSN Live.Its easy enough.Just download it and run the patch so you are a beta tester and there you go.Hope this is usefull for you.Btw. you can find the downloads on my MSN Space.Btw. again.. Merry Christmas..Jules

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