Little Tweak for Thumbnails

Recently, the filename has been disappeared for all files under my "my pictures" folder when I view that as thumbnails and flimstrip.. and I must have done the little tweak without knowing that, and here it is:

Quote: No More File Names Under Thumbnails (XP)

Changing to thumbnails is great when you are viewing a folder that contains images. Instead of just seeing the file name (making it difficult to know which image is which), Windows Explorer will display each image as a thumbnail with the file name displayed below it. This way you know exactly what picture you are opening.

If you’ve played around with Windows XP, you have probably experimented with different views and are familiar with thumbnails. However, what you probably don’t know is that it can prevent Windows Explorer from displaying the file name under each thumbnail, thereby creating more space to display the images themselves.

And how do you do this? Well it’s very simple. To open the folder that contains your thumbnails, hold down the shift key, right click the folder and click Open. None of the file names will be displayed under the thumbnails. If you want the filenames back, just repeat the steps.


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