Wonderful dinner w/ Chloe & Vicky

Which 1 should we go?
Chloe & I had been discussing which restaurant we should go, and since Vicky wanna have steak, we had focused on the steakhouse available in Hamilton downtown.  We first ruled out the seafood and steakhouse located at the diagonal corner of Main 100, cuz their target market is likely to be those seniors… as grace and I checked that out last time.  As a result, we had decided to check out 2 steakhouses located near the BINGO.
We first checked out the restaurant on the James and King William Intersection… well it’s kinda scary and we didn’t even get in… then we headed to the "41" located at King William Street.  It’s a bar and restaurant with satisfactory decoration.  I ordered a grilled salmon and a shrimp cocktal.  The prawn were huge… it’s enormous, man  much better than I expected.  The grilled salmon is fresh and just perfectly done… still a bit juicy.  I can’t believe Hamilton has such a decent restaurant .  Chloe had a spaghetti and Vicky had a steak and salad.  The red wine recommended by the server was so light and went perfectly with my salmon.  It’s a wonderful experience, full of surprises lol
We talked for awhile, about so many topics.. like our high school and stuff… lol it’s just fun!!!  For people living in Hamilton, you’d try that restaurant.  Dress up a bit though!!
Chinese edition
今天跟chloe和vicky到了"41"共進晚餐, 它是一所bar & restaurant, 裝潢都可以, 很柔和的感覺.  我點了一個烤三文魚, 還有大蝦cocktail. 水準是意想不到的好, 可能其望不高的原因吧!!! chloe點了意大利麵, vicky點了牛排和沙拉… 我們還chat了很久.. 我覺得都幾開心的…

2 thoughts on “Wonderful dinner w/ Chloe & Vicky

  1. never eat seafood with Red wine. thought the general rule is : seafood with white wine, meat with red wine, but since the red wine\’s lite, i guess it shouldve gone well with salmon la…sounds like a great meal worrrr…so wanna go try it…next time, iam in Hamliton, go with me ahhhh…

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