Spencer Gorge

Yah!!! I woke up early today – 1:30 pm, pretty rare for me on Saturday.  I went to Spencer Gorge and Webster’s Falls Park today; and the weather was nice.  It was a bit damp but so relaxing.. like gentle spring mist spayed all over your body.  The maple trees are nice and beautiful, and the fallen leave created a astonishing golden path all along the gorge. Check out the picture on the right!!!
The Webster Falls is much more magnificant than Tew Falls and Sherman Falls.  The velocity is greater, and it just shows the power of our precious nature.  The best place to see the Falls is also the most dangerous place to enjoy that, and I’m sure it won’t happen in Asia… People would fall into the Falls because it’s going to be so much pushing and squeezing all along.  People ain’t civilized enough to let it happen, and the fences would just destroy the atmosphere.  Too bad the sunset was much earlier than summer, and I couldn’t stay for longer over the gorge.

 I was sittin’ @ the edge of the cliff!

Mini maple tree

Chinese Edition

我今天- 1:30 pm就起床, 在星期六是相當罕見的。我去了Spencer gorge; 天氣是頗好的 – 有點兒潮濕但感覺很放鬆,像柔和的春天薄霧。落在地上的槭樹創造了一個令人目不暇給的金黃道路,一直伸延至整個峽谷。Webster Falls比Tew和Sherman Falls都壯觀,流量和速度都更大更快, 它正展示我們大自然的力量。最佳的地方看falls就是最危險的地方,我肯定它不會發生在亞洲… 人們別必定會受傷... 很可惜。


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