Someone checked out the furniture in the morning and it was really tough for me to wake up… I slept in until they buzzed me in the lobby lol.  They asked about the coffee table and the mirror I have, hopefully they’ll grab that.  I need loser to snap the up!
I went to bed again after they left and woke up @ 5:30pm, and at 6:30 I should arrive Harvest Moon to have dinner with Penny – her birthday.  But first, I’d to get a bday cake so I took the bus to Fortino and got a strawberry shortcake (2 pounds); and when I arrived downtown back from Fortino, I just discovered that I could get something similar from Timmy .  We took quite a few pictures (Be posted later).
Rachel, Vicky, Chloe, and I went to pool house after dinner.  We were @ Tailgate Charile first but they didn’t want to pay the pool table round by round, so went to the pool house nearby.  We saw Frankie inside the pool house and he got a new camera.. Motorolla – the 1 Kat got few months ago.  We had no idea how much they charged the table so we got 2 tables, and we stayed for around 4 hours.  It costed us $80 including drinks .. damn it, it’d have been cheaper if we had went to tailgate charile. fuck that

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