Unrest has been continuing

France supports multi-culturalism but the format is quite different when compared with other countries.  It has been advocated "Ordinary French citizen" instead of "African French" or "Chinese French".  There’s only one french and when the 2nd generation grows up in France, they ain’t chinese or thai or wotever the nationality their parents were.  They’re FRENCH and this attracted many muslims in the past.  Unfortunately, discrimination exists and this raises a serious questioning about the idea – if they’re french, why’ll they be treated differently?  This idea is different to the idea in North America – affirmation action.  Theoretically, I think the french idea is better since you’d assimilate into a society when you decide to immigrate to that country but how far one could achieve is totally based on how the society are ready for that.

Police in the French city of Lyon have used teargas to disperse youths throwing stones and attacking cars.BBC News

Two people were arrested on the city’s famous Place Bellecour square, in the first rioting in a major city centre.

The unrest, which followed more than two weeks of violence in France’s poor suburbs, occurred hours before a curfew for minors came into force in Lyon.

In Paris, thousands of police have enforced a ban on public meetings and the situation has remained calm.

The ban will remain in force until Sunday morning.

The trouble in Lyon began at about 1700 (1600 GMT) on Saturday on Place Bellecour, where a large number of riot police were on duty as a preventative measure.

About 50 youths attacked stalls and damaged vehicles, witnesses told Reuters news agency.


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