Sony’s XCP CDs

All of us make decisions based on cost and benefit analysis.  Sony latest anti-copy technology trouble has certainly made some people to use illegal MP3 – at least they don’t open their computers to the security risk.  It isn’t only on that specific technology, I got a Shawn Desman CD and is from Sony too.  The CD won’t play in my PC and thought mine is a MAC.  I contacted the C.S. but nobody seems to care and gets back to me.  For now, I can only play that in my PS2 and CD player.  Although there’s no security concern for me, I’ll never buy any CD from Sony BMG anymore, and yes – I’m going to download the MP3.

Quote from BBC News

Amazon is offering refunds to customers who bought Sony BMG CDs that use the controversial XCP anti-copy system.

The offer has been made in an e-mail sent to Amazon customers known to have bought one of the 52 Sony CDs which contained the XCP software.

Customers can get the refund by sending back the CD, even if they have not used the disc in their computers.

At the same time Sony BMG has released details of how customers can get XCP-free versions of CDs.

Recall details

No official statement from Amazon on the refund and exchange programme has been made but the text of the message was revealed on the popular BoingBoing weblog.

In the message, Amazon tells customers who bought one or more of the affected CDs that the digital rights management they use has raised "security concerns". It asks customers to return the CD to Amazon for a full refund.

Concern was raised about XCP (Extended Copy Protection) by Windows programming guru Mark Russinovich who was alarmed at the virus-like techniques it used to hide itself.

Since he wrote about what he found in his blog on 31 October Sony BMG has been subjected to serious criticism over the tactics it uses to stop discs being copied and the security problems that XCP introduces on to a PC.

Users of Apple Macintosh machines or PCs running Linux are unaffected.

The row has culminated in Sony BMG recalling all the XCP using CDs from shops and offering to swap CDs customers have bought for copies that do not use the copy protection system.

Details of Sony BMG’s exchange program have now been released.

Customers can visit a webpage on the Sony BMG website and fill in a form detailing which XCP-using CD they bought. This will generate a UPS label that can be used to send the disc back to the music maker.

The recall is believed to involve more than two million CDs.


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