Early actions in futile

My plan was trying to snap up as many premium edition xbox 360 as I could, and the stores (walmart, futureshop, microplay, bestbuy, ebgames) all opened @ 8:00 sharp.  I arrived Walmart @ 8 and they only had 3 core packs left, which weren’t what I really wanted.  I went 2 blocks north under the exceptional chilling wind to get to future shop, and the person before me napped the last core edition.  The next batch isn’t expected to arrive until few months later, which is totally ridicious.  I went back to Eastgate Mall to check out the Ebgames, they asked me to check again in January, and I had no choice but to give up.  I spent some time inside shoppers w/ penny to check out the facial care products – got myself a breakout gel.  I also got the travel pack which I had been lookin’ for few months.
Since there was no other game store over there, we went back to Jackson Sq. and had lunch over there – Tuesday Special from KFC, and I had NY Fries.. yummy.  Again the microplay had nth in store but a half-open gate.  What I can say is "helpless"… All the efforts are in vain.. I hope they’ll have that on sale in Boxing Day… This will be the only year I really plan to go shopping in Boxing Day.

Extra Blows (8:46 PM):
  1. Just check out ebay… core package can also make a big profit…………. fuck that. 
  2. My stock is doing poorly.

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