Finally, I’ve had my last lecture of globalization course.  It’s an extremely interesting course due to the intensive knowledge of my professor and his experience.  It opens me to many new ideas and lets me know that even the most "seems to" consensus idea has another side.  Yes, it’s the most intensive and heavy-loaded course I’ve ever taken but I’m glad I made this choice.  The skills I acquired from this course are priceless and I thank my professor – Kubursi w/ all my heart.

2 thoughts on “Globalization

  1. 嘩 ! 咁一定好得意, 好好玩喇 ! 其實, 我一直都有睇o架, 只不過係懶 ! 我連自己既日記都懶打喇 ! 唔好 " 鬧 " 我呀 ! : (

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