Nokia in Aston Martin Style

What an interesting phone!!!  Maybe I’ll buy this lol

Differences from Nokia 6230i

Both devices are built on the platform 40 version 2 but provide different functionality, differ greatly. If such comparisons appeared on the net, we’ll give a complete list of differences to inform our readers and avoid wrong estimate.

  • Colour depth in the Nokia 8800 – 18 bit (262000 K), against 16 bit for the Nokia 6230i (65000 K). This partly explains the productivity fall.
  • Bluetooth 1.2 with stereo sound transmission in the Nokia 8800. All the profiles for both models are equal as well as their possibilities.
  • IrDA, synchronization via USB-cable for the Nokia 6230i. Principally, creating a cable fort the Nokia 8800 is possible, there is an interface connector under the battery (remember the Nokia 3310 cables). The other point is a cable won’t be demanded for this model much, no sense in making them.
  • Mono output on the Nokia 8800, impossibility to listen to the radio n stereo mode and using stereo earphones
  • Memory card in the Nokia 6230i
  • Different battery life, shorter for the Nokia 8800
  • EDGE/GPRS in Nokia 8800 class 8, against class 10 in the Nokia 6230i
  • SXGA-camera against a 1.3 megapixel in the Nokia 6230i
  • Push to Talk in the Nokia 6230i
  • Side volume buttons in the Nokia 6230i
  • Java-application size for the Nokia 6230i forms 512 KB and for the Nokia 8800 it is 100 KB
  • Impossibility to transfer Java-applications directly to the Nokia 8800, only using Nokia PC Suite
  • Video as a screen saver for all the software versions in the Nokia 8800 (in the Nokia 6230i starting with the 3.23)
  • Separate menu item for received files (doesn’t work on the 3.2 software version, all the files get into the root folder)
  • List with users names in the Message menu (the numbers from the last SMS/MMS get there)
  • A new call log ideology is applied – the same numbers are not kept and the old entry is placed up. That is for instance, you have a call on the 5 of June to the number 008800, the recurring call to the same number will be written into the list, but the previous entry will disappear. Entries of the 5 of June before this call and after it will remain. That is a dubious attempt to make the list renewable. Not everybody will like this innovation.
  • No evident support for MPEG4

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