What’s goin’ on w/ MSN???

My contact disappeared in many people’s MSN contact lists!!!  I didn’t know how it happened but it was like that after I had my afternoon nap.  People on my list were offine (most of them still are), even for the always "on" people.  I felt weird but didn’t do anything until chloe gave me a call and said I disappeared from………
Anyway, if you see this entry and you don’t see me on your list, ADD ME BACK !!!

6 thoughts on “What’s goin’ on w/ MSN???

  1. 呢個係睇下你有幾多真正朋友既時候啦~~仲有party既事….交比你啦, 反正你msn冇咩人, 應該幾得閒, keekee…我冇咩要求, 有得食, 有得玩, 有你, 有林林, 有聖誕老人就得架啦~~

  2. God bless Soony and his msn.二氧化碳有得食, 有得玩, 有你, 有林林, 有聖誕老人,不用米奇圣诞树的吗?

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