Windows Live Local Scratch Pad – marked several locations

 The latest offer from Microsoft Live – Live Local, using the technology of Virtual Earth.


Few location marked by me:

My Windows Live Local Scratch Pad

My Home
I live in Apt 201, come n find me lol

My University
Its nice to spend some time there – not studying

Jackson Square
Biggest Mall in Hamilton Downtown

Limeridge Mall
Biggest mall in mountain?? Have Toys r Us, Staples etc around

And the following is taken from Virtual Earth Blog

Windows Live Local is Live!!

yay! I mentioned a few days ago that launch was right around the corner. We turned that corner and now the beta release of Windows Live Local is in primetime. Try out this ‘sightseeing’ permalink to get started. So far feedback from users has been really great. I think the biggest criticism I have seen so far is that our new name is a little confusing 🙂 As a Program Manager for Windows Live Local, if that’s the biggest gripe I feel pretty good!
Remember that in Birds eye mode you can ROTATE your view optically to really check out an area. You do this by clicking the rotation arrows in the navigation panel. Almost all of the places where we have birds eye imagery will have rotated views available. if a particular orientation isn’t available, it will be grayed out. Often the best view of an area isn’t the default North view (check out Niagara falls in the link above while facing east!) so be sure to try various rotations when exploring.
Have fun with WLL, and check back here later today for a more detailed review of the new and unique features in WLL. Our online help system has a great ‘What’s new’ section that should get you started in the meanwhile. (just hit the ‘Help’ link in the upper right of the header)

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