Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Wot a wonderful day… with a not so perfect start  lol.  I went to bed around 6:30 and Sean called me @ 9:30 and woke me up in my deepest sleep period.  Marvellously, I wasn’t angry and I was able to answer his questions rationally (at least based on what I remember).  This disruption made me hard to fall asleep again and I was in between awake and pass out.  My next memory was the 12pm alarm.
We headed out to Toronto @ 13:30 but the stupid GO bus didn’t come until 14:00.  I fell asleep on the bus as usual, and so did he… but not too common for him.  Our main objective was ROM, and the security in there was bad.  It’s easy for you to sneak past the admission w/o any problem… Can’t believe there’re museum still has such a lax security.
The museum is under renovation and expansion, so several exhibitions are close, such as Dinosaur, glass & crystal exhibitions.  Some interesting exhibitions are European Exhibition and Islamic Exhibition – good for Americans…  The Art Deco exhibition is nice too but not all of them are my style, quite a few of them are just too much for me… I need simplicity.
We went to Second Cup in Hyatt Hotel and had a long chat; it covered every aspect of one’s life.  It was an interesting talk and both of us enjoyed it.  We stayed there for about 2 hours and we were starving and decided to have dinner.  Something funny and ridiculous was discovered when we left – we left from the side door, and it is connected to the lobby of the building.  It was alright until we left from the front door in the lobby that you supposed to have a security card or you couldn’t get in.  What a security loop

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