Nice decor, nice atmosphere.  It a middle scale restaurant and the waiters and waitresses were nice, and my only complain is the sophiscation of the servers… They forgot to ask how I would like to have my lamb and they only brought us 1 plate for the mussels when we specifically we were goin’ to share that.  In a nutshell, it’s still a nice restaurant and I love their sweet potato fries  yummy yummy.  We ordered mussels as appretizer, halibut with rice and lamb chops as main dish and the fries as our side dish.
P.S. A new start in my life – whether it’s going to last long is unimportant.  What does matter is if we will enjoy each other companionship.

3 thoughts on “Mediterraneano

  1. To Kathy: I called ya because I got your msg… and u left that not too long ago.. like 2 mins.. but you ain\’t online so give you a call…. Can\’t believe you\’re in the middle of a lecture

  2. 嗰陣時 ! 我有開 icq , 但見唔到你online ! 哈哈 ! 因為, 上緊堂, 悶悶地, 咪上網o羅 ! 我又唔係 d 乖學生 ! 唔使專心聽書 !你再call 我喇 !

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