New Haircut

I slept in today and missed the GO Bus, and it was slow too…  My appointment was at 2p.m. and I was late for 45 minutes; I was so scare they won’t fit me in today and asked me to come back the next day.  Well, I had an scary beginning and I was asked to come back at 15:15; I waited @ the second cup and enjoyed (suffered) an extremely strong Americano – kinda like a double shots espresso but with a worse aroma.  Wastin’ time @ the coffee shop and talk’n to my friend were the easiest way to spend that stupid half an hour, and I actually missed the 15:15 .. just a little bit lol.

Emily was my technican and that was da first time I had her.  She is a tech art director in Toni & Guy and she is better than (technically) the technican I had last time.  Shaz cut my hair again and she’s just great; too bad I didn’t take a picture before my hair was blown by those strong gusts.  Hopefully, I can fix it by myself later

I spent some time lookin’ for targets for the Boxing Day shopping spree.  H&M has some nice stuff, so does Holt Renfrew.  I basically found wot I’m goin’ to buy in the Boxing Day.. no more wanderin’ this year.
I thought Yi would finish her exam @ 8 but should be 8:30… so I was almost starved to death.  We met @ Church Street, ‘n on my way to where we met, I saw a hottie lol… we ended up havin’ dinner @ Natural Sushi on Yonge, which wasn’t too bad but I prefer Asuki more… celebs dining spot


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