Playdium – Dec 28

Vicky called me about 20-25 mins before the GO Bus we were plannin’ to take and woke me up… kinda tight but we decided to give it a shot.  I saw the bus leavin’ the bus stop w/o hoppin’ on because it was showing McMaster University instead of York University, and interestingly it was showing York University when it passed by Chloe’s stop but it didn’t stop (not even "mens rea").  As a result, we met each other in downtown and walked to the terminal.  We were just made it and the minute we were on the bus, it left the station.  We spent our whole night in Playdium – $25 for 4 hrs unlimited play but they lost many arcades when they moved from toronto to mississauga.. too bad ‘n most games are pretty old  I GOT the 2nd in the F1 Racing GAME 😛
The night before, chloe and vicky were stayin’ @ my place and played Silent Hill 2; and fixing laptop…………. I missed so many places and weapons lol… I suck.  VICKY got tired easily lol

2 thoughts on “Playdium – Dec 28

  1. Next time, come earlier law… haha we should be able to finish that w/ 1 more round.. maybe tomorrow.. since no store will open…. haha

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