Wounderful (Mr. Burn Voice)

Things have been just wonderful… so enjoying, with sensual pleasure.  I dun wanna say too much because of my laziness… hmm and more importantly I’d rather put that in my heart and engrave it in my mind.
Anyway, Lucy’s restaurant is so freak’n good.  The seafood is just perfect, both fresh and cooked!  ‘N I luv their scallop, lol 1/10 the price a restaurant in Hong Kong would charge; so are the oysters (fresh and aroma oysters – HKD10/oyster)

Crazy Days – wed & thur

Wednesday was I in "dormant" all day – slept 21 hrs  .. the only 3 hours I was awake – 9:30am-12:30pm was preparing ‘n hav’n lunch.  People say I’m in depression  me????? nah!
Since I missed whole day that was supposed to be used for packing, I’ve to work all night and day (1am-3pm) to pack my stuff.  It was so hectic and haphazard and I had no idea wot I was doin’ basically.  I finished my packing at 2:59pm – a minute before the mover arrived lol lucky me.
P.S. Under wot situtation would you shit "oil" only???

Bad Weather; Bad Day; Bad Communication

MAC is so disorganized and there’s virtually no communications between different departments.  I’ve been told about completely different ‘n contraditin’ information all day long.  FUCK THEM ALL.  Registrar office sucks, so are Faculty of Social Science.  I tried to hide my temper when Sean called me in the middle of the "volcanic eruption" when I was dealin’ with those morons in the Registrar… You can hide your voice but you can’t hide your emotion *sign*
I became a "damp damp duck" on my way home, cuz I had to carry grace’s stuff and her diploma.  My down jacket was soaked, with all the feathers… "damp damp duck"

Brokeback Mountain

Finally got around yesterday to see the movie… lol but we still messed up with the time.  Anyway, the movie is great and it shows many aspects of the real life.
  • Violent discrimination against gays in the 60s-70s
  • Revenge Sex (Mexico scene)
  • Confusion within oneself
  • Hiding won’t work lol

It’s a sad ending, and it happens to many people/loves.  People still have to fight for themselves to enjoy what other heterosexual couples can enjoy; and it’s so wrong.  It’s a must-see movie, and It draws me to a cantonese song by Denise Ho

為何還害怕 若覺得這樣愛
尚在計算他又是誰 可否愛
旁人哪個 接受這種愛
明明絕配 犯眾憎 便放開
永遠的忍耐 永遠不出來
世界將依然 不變改


Why are you still afraid if you think this is love
Who do you still gauge him whether he can be loved
Other people wouldn’t accept this kind of love
The fabulous match violates the norm and have to cut loose
Enduring forever, staying in the closet forever
The world will still be the same
Only will it bury more loves


Apple’s share price an in-joke for Intelites

 How funny it is… lol   Someone behind it??? or computer glitch (servers used by NYSE)


Apple’s share price an in-joke for Intelites | News.blog | CNET News.com

In a bit of unintended humor, Wall Street closed Apple’s stock Tuesday, the day the company unveiled its first Intel processor-based computers at Macworld, at $80.86.

That may mean nothing to the average person, but techies will no doubt catch the accidental reference to Intel’s 8086, the 1978 processor that spawned the x86 architecture that PC users are so familiar with.

Now, it’s pretty unlikely that Wall Street was able to manipulate Apple’s share price, given the thousands upon thousands of people who no doubt bought and sold the stock Tuesday. But it’s little coincidences like this that make technies and geeks sit up and take notice. Or at least I and the friend who pointed this out to me did.