Can’t fall asleep

OMG… wot’s goin’ on??  I’m so freakin’ tired but just won’t pass out damn it – was in bed since 4am!  I guess it’s a good time for me to type up wot’s happened lately
Dec 31:  I had lunch with Sean @ hoya, and we took advantage of ordering lunch special.  It’s a better deal than ordering from the main menu and that was the only time in 4 yrs I was able to do that cuz I never woke up that early.   We has sashimi, Bi Chp, sushi, and BiBiBap, and miso soup *yum yum*
Jan 2:  Another nice day, and Harald was weeping when he returned me the stuff … and then Sean came by 30 mins later and we headed to Milton to visit his doggie, and cats (mostly da dog).  We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and I had a prawn salad as appretizer and salon as the entree.  It was so nice, so were the espresso.  Had we have dinner, we went to Blockbuster, and I got 2 DVDs – 1. The Terminal 2. Closer. 
After dinner, we headed for his house.  The dog was so active and loves to play with guests.  She’s 4 months old and still too young to teach her all kind of commands.  Anyway, I stayed for awhile and went home and I finished "The Terminal" on the same night. The ending is a bit out of expectation.  It’s a wonderful story and I enjoyed it tremendously.

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