Talking about Medieval Times

Okay.. this time I’ll be the lazy person lol.  Even though, I still have to add something

Sean came to my place late because of the traffic, which is rare to him – time freak .  Dun hit me if ya ever have a chance to read that.  When we arrived 191, I was so busy waking myself up – like da; and Vicky and Chloe couldn’t recognize me.  Anyway we arrived half an hour before the schedule time and he did the dumb thing by parking the car far far away.  It wasn’t too bad until we left – 10pm, at which was freezing (or you can call chloe) lol.  The waiting line for the tickets was da slowest 1 I’ve ever seen – snarl speed.  The servent was a pro and gave me the crown without messin’ my hair lol .  There’re some shops inside and a torture dungeon, which we didn’t have time to go in, and probably not worth the extra admission fee.  The King was bestowin’ the knighthood to a man – forget the colour.

We could finally get into the hall at 7:40, and the allergy list the servent gave me – the Lord was frightening.  And they turned off the light soon after I got the list WTF .  Anyway, as chloe mentioned – the feces dropped in front of us actually created a funny scene because that was a spot a person would be standin’ for awhile, and that guy had to spread his legs lol like a triangle .  Anyway, I luv the ribs and it was even better than some restaurants.  The chicken was too dry thou… Maybe no expectation = big satisfaction.

The picture we took when we were forced to take was kinda weird – plz guess…………………… think about 4 people in a pix.

P.S.  Please go to Chloe’s Space by clicking the link below to view some pictures I took.  We both have da videos taken too; MSN me if you wanna watch those (quicktime)


Medieval Times

表演欠了一點真實, 但還過得去
吃的一般, 不過用手拿東西吃有點不習慣
什麼表演都沒看到, 第一匹馬就在我面前便便
還是準備要吃東西的時候, 最後等了蠻久才有人清理  ~_~

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