Brokeback Mountain

Finally got around yesterday to see the movie… lol but we still messed up with the time.  Anyway, the movie is great and it shows many aspects of the real life.
  • Violent discrimination against gays in the 60s-70s
  • Revenge Sex (Mexico scene)
  • Confusion within oneself
  • Hiding won’t work lol

It’s a sad ending, and it happens to many people/loves.  People still have to fight for themselves to enjoy what other heterosexual couples can enjoy; and it’s so wrong.  It’s a must-see movie, and It draws me to a cantonese song by Denise Ho

為何還害怕 若覺得這樣愛
尚在計算他又是誰 可否愛
旁人哪個 接受這種愛
明明絕配 犯眾憎 便放開
永遠的忍耐 永遠不出來
世界將依然 不變改


Why are you still afraid if you think this is love
Who do you still gauge him whether he can be loved
Other people wouldn’t accept this kind of love
The fabulous match violates the norm and have to cut loose
Enduring forever, staying in the closet forever
The world will still be the same
Only will it bury more loves



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