Bad Weather; Bad Day; Bad Communication

MAC is so disorganized and there’s virtually no communications between different departments.  I’ve been told about completely different ‘n contraditin’ information all day long.  FUCK THEM ALL.  Registrar office sucks, so are Faculty of Social Science.  I tried to hide my temper when Sean called me in the middle of the "volcanic eruption" when I was dealin’ with those morons in the Registrar… You can hide your voice but you can’t hide your emotion *sign*
I became a "damp damp duck" on my way home, cuz I had to carry grace’s stuff and her diploma.  My down jacket was soaked, with all the feathers… "damp damp duck"

2 thoughts on “Bad Weather; Bad Day; Bad Communication

  1. they rae like morons… just ignore them..i\’ve been there before..was told different things that almost kill me in 2nd year.. and i am suffering right now from tons of econ courses.. hate MAC

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