Valentine’s Day

With the help of my mom’s colleague, I finally got ahold of 11 white American roses.. little supply this year so it was really difficult to get.  I asked many floral shops and they all said they had all colours but white.  Price isn’t that important anyway, especially this is our first Valentine.
Little could I remember what I did in the morning and afternoon, I’d better to begin with the journey to pick up my bouquet.  Many things slowed me down, such as rain, phone calls, my dad etc…   I picked up the flower near Kwun Tong, and then took subway to Diamond Hill, and then transferred Bus #92 to Sai Kung.  There was a mini traffic jam when we reached Bor Law Tau.  It took 1+ hour, about 20 mins more than it stated in the bus terminal.  Luckily he loved the roses very much and when I’ve talked to Bo Bo today, that was exactly the thing "superman" wanna receive.
I’m definitely a people magnet.  I helped the store getting its first order for that day.  It was a couple, who also shopped at there before.  The funny thing is that they found a present last time, and then asked their parent to get that for them.  Anyway, we arrived Kowloon Hotel – The Window Cafe on time.  There was a funny young couple starring @ us, which I didn’t notice at that time.  Anyway we shouldn’t be mad because of those god damn idiots.. lol
P.S.  Can’t be Cinderella for the whole week…as instructed by my doctor

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