Road is chosen

I know I’m deeply in love, and I’d change no matter wot obstacles are in front of me.
It’s the only way to thank, to cherish, to love ya.
I’d make myself a better person!

2 thoughts on “Road is chosen

  1. Hi Soony,

    Very occasionaly, I find you from yahoo (now…disappear? Am I right?) Then I look further some stuff from your msn…
    I don\’t know why BUT I must confess that I am \’touched\’ by some of your words and incidents…
    Yes. You are right, \’road is chosen\’ by us but how many people are as brave as you. In my past years, I recognize one thing which is cruel but real…. "To Be Different, To Be Hurt". I try my best to protect my love \’parents\’,\’people\’ and \’things\’. I do what they want me to do…and until one day I totally lost myself…I had been so depressedbut now I beleive the best has already come…
    Same as you…I also like the songs sung by 何韻詩 HOCC.
    How great when I saw you say you are falling in love…
    If you don\’t disgust I am much older than you (I\’m already thirty something), it would be my great pleasure to have a sincere young friend like you. Please feel free to send me mail at

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