Long Weekend

W/ Labour Day – 3 consecutive days offs for myself – yeah… can recover from depleted sleeping time for the last week………………………………….  It’s like refilling lol

Walk and Walk and Walk!!!

Today I kept walking and walking and walkin’…. lol  Had my before afternoon time in TST, then I had my lunch in Wan Chai… an Italian restaurant – grilled salmon yummy … and then wrote the IIQE Paper 2.  Something interesting is that they now have 1 more paper – regarding travel insurance.  I met up w/ Wallace at MTR station after the exam and spent an hour today, then I headed to Mong Kok for a follow-up appointment.
The stupid Nokia 6280 froze after I turned it off and on again at the doctor’s office.  I talked to a CS @ One2Free and they asked me to bring that back to Nokia Professional Centre and I thought – " It’s great I’ve the receipt w/ me".. so I waited around 15 mins at the Centre and then the CS at Nokia told me the phone code on the receipt didn’t match and I had to go to One2Free again to get an new invoice…. I walked from Jordan to TST and then back to Jordan to drop the fuk’n cell phone.  Damn you Nokia and One2Free  

Another drinking night

well.. it’s been a while since I last updated my space.  My job is tedious and energy suckin’, lol always too busy to write.
We (Simmi, Jeremy, Perly, Toby, Raymond) went to a lounge in Wan Chai together yesterday, and I had no idea why the whisky was going so slow yesterday. Compared to last saturday, 4 of us finished 2 Chivas and the atmosphere seem to be better.  Maybe it was caused by the openess of this lounge compared to the 1 in CWB.  Anyway, Raymond and Jeremy had left early and we left at around 4 am.  I saw a pretty attractive person on the way Simmi and I walked to CWB to take the minibus.  If I hadn’t had been with Simmi, I would have had went up and introduced myself.
boring week is coming up… exam training