Music ^_^

Got many discs recently –
1. Cyndi Lauper – the body acoustic (many classic songs were re-recorded, such as money changes everything; True Colors; Time after Time)
2. Teddy Geiger – underage Thinking (recommendation: For You I Will (confidence) and Love is A Marathon)
3. Ayumi Hamasaki – countdown live 2005-06 (DVD)
4. Ayumi Hamasaki – Arena Tour 2005 (DVD)
5. Eason Chan – latest concert (DVD version)


Verbal offer is extended… should signing the contract within this week.
so beaten up lately as my sleep was deprived by ………..

Infrastructure Exhibition

LoL… planned to visit the Arts Museum today but both Gehrig and I woke up too late, so we improvised and went to the Hong Kong Infrastructure Museum located in Central (photos are posted under My Blog Photos).  It’s interactive and comprises many aspects of Basic Infrastructure – ranging from Logistic to Renewal.  The Stonecutter Bridge is magnificent, and the water treatment project is daunting, if you will.   We were the last two people to leave the exhibition and then we took the tram to CWB.
I missed the tram so much that I got so hyper when I hopped on it.  It’s something HK should preserve, and showing our ancestors were so smart and cared about the environment… lol   We spent some time tin Toys ‘R Us and I was close to buy the Dog-Opoly (doggie version of monopoly) Does the copyright expire??? We headed to IKEA after that, and both of us got something – essential of course (dun say that I’m wasting money again ).  Both of us were hav’n so much fun that we even missed our sense of time and didn’t go for dinner until 10.

Silent Hill

Okay, finally get around to write this entry.. have been really busy recently as there’re important interviews and stuff com’n up.  Let’s get back to the movie, shall we???
It’s not bad…  I mean it surprised me, partly due to the lack of expectation from this movie.  It is just so difficult to make a movie based on a horror game, or any other games since many people already have an perception/image on it.  For instance, no way Resident Evil movie can compare with the game.  It’s like something completely new.  Silent Hill is different, it shares the same logic, feeling, and even similar buildings; while maintaining new surprises.  I ain’t goin’ to spoil the movie, but the ending is quite out of the way. (Discuss w/ me if you’ve seen it).  

Joint-field work

Did 2 joint-field fact finding meeting with my mentor, LEO.. lol not doin’ too well yesterday but acceptable performance for today’s meeting.  I should entitle for the $3000 bonus but the more important thing is I met with my wonderful friends at last…   It was great to talk to Chloe face-to-face again, and I do miss her a lot.  We shared our life – job, relationship etc.  I just feel great to catch up with a close friend