TST, Wan Chai, Central & TST

A really busy day… lol Cyrus and I were planning to have lunch and then see the 5pm show @ Space museum but it was full… so we bought the 8:30 tickets and headed to Hong Kong Park, since I wanna visit the Visual Arts Museum.  We took the ferry to Central… ‘n we walked all the way back to Pacific Place cuz CYRUS MADE A MISTAKE.. lol  Since the Arts Museum is located at the Central side of the Park, we had to walk all the way back to Central again inside the Park.
Well when we were resting in the Park, 3 policemen came up to us and checked our ID.  Again, Cyrus fault cuz he was carrying a bag mostly for drug trafficing. haha. 
*Anyway check out the pictures I took inside the museum.
We headed back to TST at around 8 as our show was @ 8:30.  I haven’t been to the Space Museum for so long that they now assign a seat for each ticket.. unlike in the past.. I’m old, man .  Had dinner @ Ashley Road after the movie as we were starving. lol grilled fish, sushi assortment, Uni.. nice

2 thoughts on “TST, Wan Chai, Central & TST

  1. i can\’t seem to make my mind up…so stop by my space if you have time and help me decide….
    :o) smiles are free… :o) and contagious… :o) so pass them on… :o) to people you love… :o) and even to those you don\’t… :o)

  2. 嘩 ! 你依日都經歷左唔少波折喎 !
    你去太空館睇左咩節目呀 ? 我都想睇<尼羅河之旅>呀 !

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