Work-life Balance

Today had I an interview @ Ernst & Young, and gettin’ there wasn’t smooth at all.  Someone passed out on the train I was riding, so there was some delay involving and I was late for about 2 mins.  I actually got an phone call from them when I arrived there and I missed it since I turned it to silence.  The interview went well, and I did have fun.  I hope she won’t be annoyed by that.  Hopefully, I’ll get an appointment for 2nd interview and that will also be the last one.  GOD BLESS ME .
Since the interview only went through about 20 mins, I got plenty of time and I rushed back to Zurich (to keep my $800 allowance).  Jeremy was smart of not telling Titan about my sickness lol.  Last ditch effort and arrived @ 10:32, just made it to the role-play.
Gehrig was late again today , and I had to wait for him for lunch.  I tried to get the Lau Ka Fai concert tickets as Mother’s Day present but it was sold out at 1pm….. WTF.  Had I not getten back to TST and tried to get the ticket in Central, I should be able to get that. DAMN IT.  I guess Gehrig took the taxi but I didn’t question him – cuz he did that for me.  We walked to Miramar (AXA) to pay premium for his dad’s policy, and then had lunch buffet @ TODAI.  The food was okay but the service sucked basically. I prefer the TODAI in the States absolutely.
We then went to Hong Kong Museum of History for the special exhibition (Zheng He’s Voyage Exhibition 鄭和下西洋紀念展). It ‘s so much fun.. lol learnt a lot but the museum was crowded with many students.  Kinda annoying.  I then did a fact find on Gehrig.. for my assignment review. took 30 mins shit man

2 thoughts on “Work-life Balance

  1. Hi there,
    it seems that you\’ve got so many friends supporting you !!
    Wish you can have more in the coming days…!!
    And I can be one of them.
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    Wish you can be the staff in Ernst & Young soon. !!!
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