Nokia ‘n Nokia

I got back my phone 2 days ago, and they formatted my miniSD and replaced the main board of my phone… the auto-restart problem and slow GPRS problem still existed, and that was the forth time I brought the phone to the repair centre since I bought it in the end of March.  I left my phone today and Winnie – the CS offered a detail check on both the miniSD and the phone again, and had to leave the phone overnight – NO 1 hour EXPRESS REPAIRING.  It’s fine as long as they CAN fix it, and I was told to pick up the phone tomorrow… but may not be the case for my miniSD.  I just dun understand how come they couldn’t figure out the problem when they checked my miniSD 2 days ago… Did they JUST format it and gimme back??? I dun need their help if I’m looking for such a patchy way to fix my memory card.  Their attitudes are totally questionable, based on the quality they delivered.
Final Word:  DUN BUY NOKIA!!!!!

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