Got 2 new books on Saturday

  • Olive Oil by Charles Quest-Ritson
  • Cook with Jamie – My guide making you a better cook

The book about Olive Oil is quite interesting as it gives you the history of olive trees & oil from 8000 yrs ago to today.  It also explains different type of olive, EU standard etc

The 2nd book is the latest release from Jamie Oliver.  Not only does it have receipt, it also gives you a brief overview of herbs and spices, seafood, risotto etc.  Highly recommended.


The doc said I got tracheitis and enterogastritis… based on how I cough and the oil when I go to the bathroom. Anyway, it feels like shit!!!


Sometimes, it’s not bad to hold your steps and look back.. what you’ve achieved; what you’re proud of; how we see this world etc. There’s no doubt we live in a world that’s constant changing… rapidly; but when we stop, we can see the beauty from what we thought to be ugly, we can appreciate what we disdained.  Just stop and think, you’ll see this world differently.

Cycling ~~~

After a bit of confusion, we still decided to get goin’ and met @ shatin.  It turned out this was a bad idea and all the bicycles were rented.  We then took the train to Tai Wai and here we go…. dozens of bicycles to be chosen from.  We spent 2 hours and finally got to Tai Po Old Market and then rested for ’bout 20 mins and rode all the way back.  It was already 7 sth and the whole journey was like… occupied by us!  Anyway, we got to Tai Wai safe and sound in an hour and a half.